Maximise in-store sales.

Automate administrative tasks.

Reduce operating costs. 

Repsly is a leading mobile retail execution software designed specifically to boost the productivity of your field team. Use it to plan store visits better, collect and share data on-the-go, identify in-store opportunities, and quickly take action. Change the way you execute in-store and sell more. Try Repsly.

Schedule in-store visits anytime, anywhere.

GPS tracking while in the field.

On-the-go data collection, collaboration, and sharing.

Capture orders, returns, stock/pricing audits in-store, & much more  

Connect office and field teams in real-time.

Custom Integrations

Advanced Customisable Reporting

Flexible APIs for easy integration.

User friendly interface.

Easy setup, like opening a WhatsApp account.


Too often we hear back-office managers complain that they don't know where their field teams are or what challenges they face in-store. It takes too long for orders to be loaded and actioned, resulting in empty shelves and lost sales. Repsly is the pain relief your sales team needs. Use it to optimize your salespeople's schedule for maximum efficiency in-store and on the road. Not only can you see when they arrive at a store, but also at what time they check out. 


Here are just some of the ways that Repsly can help you.


  • Quickly complete retail audits and report back pricing concerns, inventory, and much more.

  • Generate and send orders while in-store.

  • Track sales and use this data to determine which stores underperform and why?

  • Create forms for field teams to gather insights directly from customers.

  • Share photos, insights, and instructions from in-store in real-time. 

  • Optimize territory coverage and schedule teams for greater efficiency — track time on the road and distances travelled daily.

  • Drastically reduce after-hour administration.